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Gratis GIS Viewer software

1. Free TatukGIS Viewer

The TatukGIS Editor and free GIS Viewer are different editions of the same Windows desktop application.  The Editor is a commercial product with the full set of features. The free Viewer product is a slimmed down version of the Editor.




2. ArcGIS Explorer and ArcExplorer
ArcGIS Explorer is a free GIS viewer that gives you an easy way to explore, visualize, and share GIS information. ArcGIS Explorer adds value to any GIS because it helps you deliver your authoritative data to a broad audience.

With ArcGIS Explorer, you can

* Access ready-to-use ArcGIS Online basemaps and layers.
* Fuse your local data with map services to create custom maps.
* Add photos, reports, videos, and other information to your maps.
* Perform spatial analysis (e.g., visibility, modeling, proximity search).


ArcExplorer has been superseded by ArcGIS Explorer. but you can still download at this links :

ArcExplorer—Choose your platform

3. Geomedia Viewer
GeoMedia Viewer is an easy to use, FREE GIS software application for desktop viewing and distribution of geospatial data. It allows an organization to maximize the value of its geospatial data by extending availability to novice users who wouldn’t otherwise have access because of the barriers of purchasing and learning how to use a full GIS software application.




4. LizardTech GeoViewer 4.1

LizardTech GeoViewer is LizardTech’s free, standalone application for viewing geospatial imagery, vector overlays, and LiDAR files. LizardTech GeoViewer enables you to combine, view and export visual layers from varied sources, such as local repositories, Express Server catalogs, and WMS and JPIP servers, and provides tools for visualizing LiDAR data in MrSID and LAS formats. LizardTech GeoViewer supports a wide range of input formats and exports to GeoTIFF, PNG and JPEG. Version 4.1 adds support for viewing MG4 files created using LiDAR Compressor 1.1. LizardTech GeoViewer is the most efficient means of viewing MrSID and JPEG 2000 images.




5. Autodesk Design Review and DWG Trueview

Accelerate your design reviews with Autodesk® Design Review software. It’s the free*, all-digital way to view, mark up, print, and track changes to 2D and 3D designs—without the original design software.

Autodesk® DWG TrueView™ software is a free* stand-alone DWG™ viewer with DWG TrueConvert™ software included. Built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD® software, DWG TrueView enables you to view the latest DWG and DXF™ files, just as you would in AutoCAD. By also installing the free* Autodesk® Design Review  software, you can then open DWG files in Design Review to take advantage of powerful measure and markup capabilities, sheet set organization, and status tracking.


1. Please check “Also install the DWG TrueView to open DWG files directly from within Design Review.” Option
2. This is Online installer,




A free viewer for quickly displaying a variety of geographic imagery (including 16-bit data), rapidly reprojecting different data types into the same projection system, displaying multiple images in a single viewer, and working in multiple open viewers, at the same time. ERDAS ViewFinder uses technology developed by ERDAS for Stereo Analyst and ERDAS IMAGINE, such as embedding multiple views in single windows and reprojecting imagery on the fly. ViewFinder offers a range of image manipulation capabilities, packaged into a clean, simply designed user interface. Users can continuously roam, pan, and zoom the display imagery, at any scale. Additionally, users can overlay, query, measure, smooth, sharpen, and enhance imagery. The software supports ERDAS IMG, TIFF, TIFF World, GeoTIFF, and MrSID image files, including 16-bit and floating point data types.

New features in version 2.1

* Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) coordinate display in the Inquire Cursor dialog.
* Brightness and Contrast thumbwheels have been added for quick and easy image enhancement.
* Copy the contents of the Main View to the Windows clipboard. Data is then easily available for pasting into any application which uses the clipboard.
* Image information can be displayed, such as the number of rows, columns and bands, layer statistics, projection parameters, etc. Provision is also made for building image statistics and pyramid layers.
* Extended library of US and international projection systems for reprojecting to and from.
* Extended range of raster formats are supported, including JPEG (JFIF), ERMapper .ers and generic binary BIL, BIP and BSQ formats.
* Filter files on all raster formats to see all supported images in a directory.
* Quickly swap between non-stretched and 2 Standard Deviation modes of displaying the images. If an image has been pre-processed to stretch its data across the entire data range, then you may not want to have displayed it with the “Automatically Stretch Contrast” display option on and wish to swap to no stretch without redisplaying the image.
* Easily display separate files as a multi-band True Color image. Some data providers deliver multispectral images as separate files (one band per file). You can now open one of these bands as a True Color image and then use the Band Combinations dialog to add in other bands to the color guns.
* Initial display speed has been vastly improved. In some instances images may display an order of magnitude faster than in previous versions of ViewFinder.




ERDAS ER Viewer is a free, easy-to-use image viewer featuring interactive roaming and zooming with very large JPEG 2000 and ECW files.  It can also read most other common file types.  Installing ERDAS ER Viewer also lets you embed large geospatial images in your Microsoft Word documents.

File formats supported
Fast image viewing for the following formats
•  JPEG 2000
•  ECW
•  Universal Data Format (UDF) images
•  ER Mapper images
•  TIFF and GeoTIFF images
•  SPOT View images
•  ESRI BIL (ARC/INFO and ArcView) images
•  Smart Data ER Mapper algorithms
•  National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF)
•  ERDAS Imagine (IMG)
•  ArcInfo ASCII Grid (ASC)
•  Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

ERDAS ER Viewer can print to common large-format printers.




7. Cartomap viewer

Key Features

* Use with any database
* Supports for ArcView shape and MapInfo files
* Import DXF Entities
* Various spatial analysis functions
* Various thematic routines
* Automatic labelling
* Advanced line formating


CartoMAP Viewer 1.1

CartoMap Viewer 1.1
– Small Dbisam footprint edition.

8. Geographic Explorer

Discovery is a click away! The Geographic Explorer extends the Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT Explorer to view and find map files. The Geographic Explorer provides a number of powerful utilities. You can explore map files directly on your desktop with the Geographic Explorer! Supports MIF, SHP, TAB, DWG, DXF, DGN, TIFF, BMP & JPG.




9. Geomatica FreeView
Geomatica FreeView is the new viewing environment for working with a variety of data, including imagery, vectors, and graphical bitmaps. FreeView allows the viewing, enhancing, and examination of remotely sensed imagery such as LANDSAT, SPOT, RADARSAT, ERS-1, NOAA AVHRR, and aerial photography. Use Geomatica FreeView to overlay GIS data and view the associated attribute data.


10. Mapinfo proviewer
MapInfo ProViewerâ„¢ lets you share location intelligence with clients and co-workers, even if they do not have MapInfo Professional. ProViewer allows anyone to open, view and manipulate your MapInfo Professional maps, tables and analyses with easy-to-use functionality including print, zoom, scroll, select objects, measure distances and view details.


11. Bentley View

Bentley View is a free DGN viewer, DWG viewer, and i-model viewer. It’s the best tool for projects that require a powerful viewing, measuring, and printing application for MicroStation, AutoCAD, or hybrid projects using i-models.



12. Arcreader

ArcReader is a free, easy-to-use desktop mapping application that allows users to view, explore, and print maps and globes. Anyone with ArcReader can view high-quality interactive maps authored by a high-level ArcGIS Desktop product and published with the ArcGIS Publisher extension.


13. CARIS Easy View 2.0

View your spatial data from a wide range of file types, connect to a WMS server, load ENCs and VPF libraries, visualize BASE, BAG or LOTS grids in interactive 3D, export 3D flight paths to XML or to an AVI digital video file. Easy View lets you do it all without third-party software or libraries—for free.

Easy View delivers all the functionality of the popular CARIS EASY-ENC software with an updated interface, support for more data formats and 3D visualization.

Easy View offers support for a wide range of spatial data formats:

* AutoCAD files (DWG and DXF)
* BASE Surface files (CSAR, HNS, BMS, HCS, DEF, and BAG)
* Sounding Set files (CSAR, BPS)
* BSB images (KAP, CAP)
* CARIS files (DES)
* CARIS Spatial Agent File files (SAF)
* CRL images (CRL)
* DGN files (DGN)
* ECW images (ECW)
* GeoTIFF images (TIF)
* HCRF images (CHR)
* Hydrographic Object Binary files (HOB)
* IGA images (IGA)
* JPEG 2000 images (JP2)
* S-57 files (000)
* Shape files (SHP)
* TFW images(TFW)
* VPF library (LHT)