Korleis få Windows Media Player i Windows 10 med K og KN versjonar (EU)

Denne oppskrifta gjelder kun for dei som får feilmeldingar når dei prøvar å installere KB3099229. (mediapakken for K og KN versjonane)  Windows 10 hadde en tidleg feil som låg i en mediapakke som heiter KB3010081. Denne vart fasa vekk ganske tidleg med Windows 10. (nov.15) Men den forsvant ikkje heilt. Pga. system tilhørlighet, så ligg den der forsatt. Det må gjerast nokon små justeringar for å få installere med «nye» mediapakken.

Ã…pne fila som er vist under i Notepad++. (med Administrator rettighetar)

Om du ikkje har Notepad++ så lastar du det ned gratis herifrå:  https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

Gå til linje 4.

Der står det no sånn:
<package identifier=»KB3010081 «permanence=»permanent» releaseType=»Feature Pack»>

Endre dette slik at det står sånn og så lagre. (fjern det som er merka rødt over)
<package identifier=»KB3010081″ releaseType=»Feature Pack»>

Trykk på Windows 10 lupa og skriv CMD. Høgreklikk og velg «Kjør som Administrator».

Lim inn dette og trykk enter:
wusa /uninstall /KB:3010081

Last ned siste versjon av Windows «Media pakke» her:

Installer den nye mediapakken. No skal alt fungere!

Problem med Nvidia GTX 760M grafikk kort

Ha en Asus N56JR med GTX760M. Grafikkortet fungerer godt nokon månader, men så slutta det å fungere. Fekk feilkode «…error code 43» når eg sjekka ut egenskapene i Enhetsbehandling. Etter x antall timar lesing på nett fant eg denne banale løysninga.

Gjør dette:
1) Avinstaller Nvidia driveren i Enhetsbehandling («Driver manager»).
2) Skutt av datamaskinen.
3) Koble ifrå strømkabelen og ta ut batteriet.
4) Vent 5 min. (grafikkort må «resettes»)
5) Sett i batteriet og strømkabelen.
6) Start datamaskinen.
7) Gå inn på http://www.geforce.com/drivers og laste ned den nyeste driveren.
8) Installer. No skal alt være i orden!

Problem med å installere VirtualBox?

Eg hadde problem med å installere VirtualBox. Skulle bruke den for å teste ESD versjon av Microsoft sitt nye operativsystem, Windows 10.

Her er løysninga:

  • Uninstalling Virtualbox
  • Going into the registry at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Network
  • Changing «MaxFilters from 8 to 20 (decimal)»
  • Rebooting
  • Installing

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope Penumbra


What is WWT?

The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a Web 2.0 visualization software environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the world’s best ground- and space-based telescopes for the exploration of the universe. WWT blends terabytes of images, information, and stories from multiple sources into a seamless, immersive, rich media experience delivered over the Internet. Students of all ages will feel empowered to explore and understand the cosmos using WWT’s simple and powerful user interface.
The mission of the WWT is twofold:

  • To aggregate scientific data from major telescopes, observatories, and institutions and make temporal and multi-spectral studies available through a single, cohesive Internet–based portal
  • To stimulate interest in science among younger generations, providing a compelling base for teaching astronomy, scientific discovery, and computational science

How do you start exploring with WTT? Upon first opening the Home screen, you’ll find a dialogue box that tells you how to navigate in the WorldWide Telescope. Follow these instructions, and then, after you’re familiar with the controls and features, click the Guided Tours tab. Now you can choose from a growing number of guided tours created by astronomers and educators from famous observatories and planetariums. For example, you can join Harvard astronomer Alyssa Goodman on a journey that shows how dust in the Milky Way Galaxy condenses into stars and planets. Or you can accompany University of Chicago cosmologist Mike Gladders two billion years into the past to view a gravitational lens bending the light from galaxies – a phenomenon that allows you to see billions more years into cosmic history. Feel free to pause a tour at any time and explore on your own – you can later re-enter the tour where you left off.

Utilizing the Microsoft® high performance Visual Experience Engine™, WorldWide Telescope allows you explore the universe as never before. It enables you to seamlessly pan the sky and to zoom in on celestial features, including stars, nebulae, and planets. For every object, you’ll find multiple information sources at your fingertips, just a mouse click away.
To understand the full power of WWT, bear in mind that celestial objects radiate energy over an extremely wide range of wavelengths, from radio waves to infrared, optical to ultraviolet, even x-rays and even gamma rays. The physical processes inside these objects can only be understood by combining observations at several wavelengths, and herein lies the beauty of WWT. It brings together many impressive archives of celestial objects – collections painstakingly constructed from observations by such instruments as the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), and the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS).
While each of these archives carries interesting and important information about the nature of celestial objects, the comprehensive analysis of observations requires combining data from multiple instruments at different wavelengths. WWT facilitates such analyses, providing free, public access to astronomic data from a variety of temporal and multi-spectral studies and literature. With WWT, you’ll view the sky from multiple wavelengths: See the x-ray view of the sky and zoom into bright radiation clouds, then cross-fade into the visible light view and discover the cloud remnants of a supernova explosion from a thousand years ago. Switch to the hydrogen alpha view to see the distribution and illumination of massive primordial hydrogen cloud structures illuminated by high energy radiation from nearby stars in the Milky Way. These are just a few of many different ways to reveal the hidden structures in the universe with the WorldWide Telescope. Pan and zoom from aerial views of the Moon and selected planets, and see their precise positions in the sky from any location on Earth and any time in the past or future.

The data in WWT is not only readily accessible; it is presented in a form that facilitates integrative research, thereby helping to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research, education, and public knowledge. WWT represents a major step toward the democratization of science, and it has turned the Internet into «the world´s best telescope»â€”a veritable supercomputer at your desktop.
Microsoft Research has dedicated WorldWide Telescope to the memory of Jim Gray, releasing it as a free resource to the astronomy and education communities with the hope that it will inspire and empower people to explore and understand the universe like never before.

Run Web Client: http://www.worldwidetelescope.org/webclient/

Download Windows Client: http://cdn.worldwidetelescope.org/be…upPenumbra.msi



Repair MBR To Restore Windows 7 To Your Multiboot Options

My friend called me yesterday to help him in getting back Windows 7 in the boot menu. What he did was, repair his Windows XP installation and now after repair he cannot find Windows 7 in the boot menu. Now, he was having a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP and Windows 7. The problem that he was facing is very common and every user who is having a similar dual-boot configuration also faces this problem when they try to repair or reinstall an older Windows version.

If you install Windows 7 or Windows Vista as a second operating system on a computer system where Windows XP is already installed, the Windows boot menu incorporates the options from the older boot menu. But, let us suppose, if you install a fresh copy of Windows XP or on a system that is already running Windows 7, Windows will overwrite the MBR with the old one that doesn’t recognize the Windows 7 boot loader. Each time you install any version of Windows, it rewrites the MBR to call its own boot loader.

But there is solution available to repair the MBR damage. Follow the steps below and you will be able to get back the MBR settings that was lost. (This guide will work for Windows XP, Vista, 7.)

After booting into the older Windows (in this case Windows XP), insert your Windows 7 DVD. Now, open Command Prompt window (type cmd in the Run dialog box and press Enter) from within the older operating system. Run the following command from the Windows 7 DVD, substituting the letter of your DVD drive for x here:

x:\boot\ bootsect.exe /nt60 all

Now, after you restart your computer system, you should see the Windows 7 boot menu. But, wait a second, what happened to the entry to your earlier operating system? Well, don’t panic, to restore the menu entry for your earlier version of Windows, open an elevated Command Prompt window (right-click on cmd in Windows 7 or Vista, select Run as Administrator) and type this command:

bcdedit /create {ntldr} –d "Menu description goes here"

Substitute your own description for the placeholder text, being sure to include the quotation marks. The next time you start your computer, the menus should appear as you intended.

An even easier solution is to use boot-editing utilities like EasyBCD that supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2003 or 2008. EasyBCD can also be used to switch quickly from a Windows XP-style boot loader to its Windows 7 counterpart and back again.

Gratis antivirus er best – Antivir fra Avira slår alle betallingsløsningene

Rapport viser at gratisprogram stopper 99,7% av alle truslene.

Det er gode grunner til å installere et antivirusprogram på PC-en din, som oppdaterer seg selv og som også stopper andre trusler enn virus og ormer. De fleste som kjøper ny PC i dag får ett eller annet prøveabonnement med på kjøpet, som slutter å oppdatere seg etter at prøveperioden er over. Da må du ut med penger for å få videre sikring.

Men det er ikke sikkert at det behøver å være noen dårlig ide å kaste ut det medfølgende prøveprogrammet med et helt gratis alternativ. Det finnes mange å velge mellom, og noen av dem er faktisk like flink eller flinkere til å avsløre og stoppe ondsinnet kode enn programmene som koster penger.

Antivir er best

Det er i hvert fall hva testerne hos den uavhengige organisasjonen AV-comparatives.org har kommet frem til gjennom flere år med analyse og testing av antivirusprogrammer. Aller best ut kommer gratisprogrammet Antivir fra Avira, som skal være i stand til å avsløre hele 99,7% av alle truslene, i følge organisasjonen.

Det er godt foran betalløsninger fra Kaspersky (97,1%) og ESET NOD32 (97,6%). Ikke nok med det, Antivir viste seg også å være blant de aller raskeste programmene, og blant de beste til å oppdage mistenkelig kode som ikke var direkte definert i viruslisten.

Gratisversjonen av Antivir stopper også spyware, men mangler imidlertid støtte for virussøk i epost. Det behøver ikke å bety så mye, for den vil uansett stoppe forsøk på åpne infiserte vedlegg.

Gratisversjonen har også et litt irriterende vedheng, nemlig en reklame som popper opp hver gang virusdefinisjonene er oppdatert, men dette kan i følge vår kilde Freeware-genius enkelt fjernes.

Antivir kan du laste ned herfra





Hvordan fjerne reklame fra Antivir Classic antivirus løsning.

.: Disable the Avira AntiVir avnotify nag screen :.

Windows 2000:

  1. Click Start, and then click Run
  2. In the Open box, type gpedit.msc, and then click OK
  3. Expand User Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, and then expand System
  4. In the right pane, double-click Don’t run specified Windows applications
  5. Click Enabled, and then click Show
  6. Click Add, and then type the executable file name of the program (avnotify.exe) that you want to restrict users from running.
  7. Click OK, click OK, and then click OK (NOTE: If domain-level policy settings are defined, they may override this local policy setting.)
  8. Quit Group Policy Object Editor
  9. Restart the computer

Windows 2000/XP: (2000 & XP Pro do not require you to boot into safe mode)

  1. Boot into Safe Mode (tap F8 repeatedly after you restart the computer)
  2. Log in using the Administrator account
  3. Go to C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avnotify.exe
  4. Right-click avnotify.exe-> properties-> security-> advanced
  5. Under the Permissions tab click on SYSTEM under Permission entries:
  6. Edit-> Traverse Folder / Execute File-> deny-> ok ->apply-> yes -> ok-> ok
  7. Reboot the computer into Normal Mode (start-> shutdown-> restart)

Windows XP Pro & Vista Business/Ultimate/Enterprise

  1. Start-> Control Panel
  2. Administrative tools-> Local security policy
  3. Click on Software Restriction Policy-> Action (at the top)-> create new restriction policies
  4. Right-click additional rules (on the right side)-> new path rule
  5. Click Browse and navigate to C:\Program Files\(Avira)\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\ and double-click avnotify.exe
  6. Set the security level to Disallowed-> apply-> ok

Windows Vista Home Premium

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\avnotify.exe
  2. Right-click avnotify.exe-> properties-> security->
  3. Under the group or username SYSTEM click edit
  4. Put a checkmark under the DENY column for «read and execute»

*Note: Avira changed the path in version 9 to C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop

.: Disable the splash screen :.

  1. Open regedit and navigate to
  2. In the right pane double-click avgnt and add /nosplash at the end of the path (ex. /min /nosplash). Avira changed /nosplash to /ns for version 9.

Most Web Browsers (Freeware) + Child Safe Internet

Most Web Browsers

Acoo Browser v1.89.690
Acoo Browser is multi-tabbed browser interface for Internet Explorer, that also supports customizable ad filtering and popup blocking, URL aliases and more. In addition, it allows you to create groups of Favorites that can be launched simultaneously, as well as support for mouse gestures. Other than that, the interface and functionality is very similar to the standard IE features, and all IE functionality is available from within Acoo Browser.

File Size: 1797 kb
Version: 1.89.690
Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


AM Browser v2.01 (Freeware)
AM Browser
(formerly Crazy Browser) is a powerful Web browser that provides many features that make surfing the web more comfortable and less confusing. Web pages are organized on tabs to prevent your screen from getting cluttered. it has full support for P3P privacy notifications (requires IE6) and JavaScript error suppression. In addition, AM Browser can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying ad windows can be removed automatically and multiple pages can be saved and reopened together. The browser also includes many preconfigured search engines to help you find things on the web and you can extend it to use your own search engines. AM Browser looks very much like IE, in fact, it uses the IE browser engine to render web pages and also incorporates other settings.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 687 kb 
Author: CrazyBrowser.com
Version: 2.01

Up Dated 01 November 2006


Avant Browser V11.7. build 12 (Freeware)
Avant Browser is a tabbed browser based on the Internet Explorer core. It allows you to browse multiple Web sites simultaneously, block popup windows, block Flash advertising, and offers additional mouse functions for faster navigation. Additional features include an integrated privacy cleaner that helps to remove surfing tracks, a built-in Yahoo/Google search, RSS/ATOM Reader, Popup blocking and more. Avant Browser also provides options to easily block downloads of pictures, videos, Flash, sounds and ActiveX components to further spped up page loading times. All your IE settings and Favorites are available from within Avant Browser.

File Size 1997 kb
Version 11.7. build 12
Windows Win (All)

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Browse3D v3.5 (Freeware)
Browse3D is an IE based browser interface that offers 3D style page navigation, that enables you to display up to 4 web page snapshots at the same time. The snaphots are not live, but clicking on one will bring the actual web page to the foreground. It takes some getting used to, but can improve navigation for those that usually keep multiple browser windows open at the same time. You can hold down the CTRL key when clicking on any link, and it will be added to on of the 4 window panels, allowing you to pick links and then preview and browse them. The program makes a nice toy browser, but has probably little real-world value for most, especially as it does not support live page displays (unless you purchase a Pro version). The toolbar icons appeared to very unstable during our review and disappeared frequently.

Windows:  98/ME/2000/XP
File size: 2188 kb 
Version: 3.5

Up Dated 01 November 2006


BrowserG! v1.0 beta (Freeware)
BrowserG! is a browser/web surfing companion, that makes it easy to access and use your favorite desktop tools and favorite web sites. For example, you can start applications like MSN, AIM , ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, Kazza, Morpheous, Limewire and other tools from within BrowserG! or surf different sites with a single click. You can even keep a list of site-specific favorites for easy navigation, set up flags to lessen bookmark clutter and store comparison notes with links to other sites, which can be useful for online shopping or auctions. BrowserG! offers Netscape 6.0/Mozilla plugin support.(Install includes Mozilla download and JRE 1.3.0_01)

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 13331 kb 
Version: 1.0 beta

Up Dated 01 November 2006


Deepnet Explorer v1.5.2 beta (Freeware)

Deepnet Explorer is a web browser. that combines IE based browsing with integrated P2P file sharing capabilities and a built-in RSS/ATOM news feed reader. The browser offers a tabbed interface, built-in popup blocker, form filler, auto-login and more. You can easily switch between web browser, file sharing and RSS reader from the provided toolbar buttons, and also disable any of them (for example if you don`t want to use the file sharing). The file sharing component is Gnutella based and allows you to search the Gnutella network, download and also share files. The news reader supports XML, RSS, RDF, Atom and OPML. Deepnet Explorer also includes a Phishing Alarm, which detects potential phishing sites and prompts a warning message if a potentially fraudulent website is visited.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 3386 kb 
Version: 1.5.2 beta

Up Dated 16 January 2006


E2 Browser v2.0.900 (Freeware)
E2 is an IE based, tabbed web browser with a built-in collection tool that lets you browse the web and collect anything that interests you – such as text snippets, images, mp3 files and so on. In addition, a built-in Media Player allows you to listen to your favorite music or to watch a movie while you are surfing, all in the same interface. Additional features include a built-in popup killer, link and file extraction, grouped pages and more. All standard IE options are also available.
Windows:  98/ME/2000/XP
File size: 4551 kb 
Version: 2.0.900

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Fast Browser Pro v8.1 (Freeware)
Fast Browser is an IE based, tabbed with additional features, including power search with more than 500 search engines, web page translation, URL analyzer, Google and Alexa integration, grouped Favorites and more. Fast Browser Pro also includes a FastBar feature, similar to the IE Explorer Bar, that integrates Notepad, Cookies, History and several other items into the browser interface.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 1673 kb 

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Flock v1.2.5
Flock is a Mozilla based web browser that integrates sharing of photos, Favorites, news and blogging into the browser interface. It currently supports Flickr, Photobucket, del.icio.us, Shadows, WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger, LiveJournal and other online services, as well as any RSS feed. You can easily subscribe to any website that offers RSS feeds and read/manage your feeds directly from within Flock. Other features include drag and drop photo sharing and a powerful web search toolbar that searches a variety of online resources simultaneously and returns a quick glance at the most relevant results.

Windows:  2000/XP/Vista
File size: 10989 kb
Version: 1.2.5

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Google Chrome v0.2.149.30 (Beta)
Google Chrome is an independent web browser that combines a minimal design with innovative features. In addition to tabbed browsing and most other standard features, the browser offers an Incognito mode that enables private browsing session as well as integrated phishing and malware alerts and simplified file downloads. You can import your existing browser settings, favorites and passwords from Internet Explore and Firefox. Google Chrome offers a refreshing interface and several unique features but has some way to go to match up to it`s rivals.

Windows:  XP/Vista
File size: 7521 kb
Version: beta

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


GreenBrowser v4.4.0129 (Freeware)
GreenBrowser is yet another IE based browser that offers tabbed, multi-page browsing and many additional features including grouped pages, ad filtering, search engine integration, privacy cleaner, form filler and much more. The interface is clean and uses many of the standard IE icons, so it should look familiar for most of it. Additional features include download monitor, link lister, proxy settings, popup filter, auto-scrolling and extend support for mouse gestures.

Windows:  98/ME/2000/XP
File size: 1240 kb
Version: 4.4.0129

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Hydra v1.0.7
Hydra is an alternative Internet Explorer shell that comes with an Office 2007 style interface and loaded with additional features such as built-in translation, form filling, widgets sidebar, mouse gesture support, ad blocking and more. The browser comes also pre-configured with a variety of widgets in different categories, ranging from financial tools to unit converters, IP address lookup, news and more.

File Size: 15039 kb
Version: 1.0.7
Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Requirements: NET Framework 2.0   

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Internet Explorer v7.0
The all new Internet Explorer 7 offer many improvements over IE6, most importantly a tabbed interface that allows you to easily navigate between multiple web pages. Other new features include built-in RSS support, improved security features with anti-phishing, improved web page printing and more. A QuickTabs feature allows you to view thumbnail screenshots of all currently open tabs, allowing you to quickly navigate between open web pages. Internet Explorer 7 also makes it easier to delete your browsing history and uses a new Explorer bar that does not resize the current web page when opened.

Windows:  98/NT/ME/2000
File size: 15156 kb 
Version: 7.0

Up Dated 01 November 2006


Child Safe Internet

[/size] Kidz CD 1 – Surf Station v2.1  (Beta)
Kidz CD 1 – Surf Station is a web browser interface for young children (6 years or younger) that allows them to access popular internet contents in several categories including Games, Stories and Television. It offers a very easy-to-use and kid friendly interface that uses the entire screen and also prevents casual access to the desktop (you have to press CTRL+L to exit) while it is running. Furthermore it also disables the right mouse button preventing confusing dialogs from appearing. Even though we did not like the fact that the parent cannot add or remove any sites, the selection provided by the software is very extensive and includes all the popular characters like Dora, Barney, Bob the Builder, Blues Clues and many others. It allows you to let your young kid play on the computer without having to supervise every mouse click.

Windows: 2000/XP/Vista
File Size: 5422 kb
Version: 2.1 beta

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Child Safe Internet[/size] KidRocket v1.5.0.205 (Freeware)
KidRocket is a web browser for kids, that limits Internet access to about a dozen child-safe websites (Sesamestreet, Crayola, Nick and others). It offers a full-screen interface that can be locked by the parent, effectively preventing access to the desktop or other programs while it is running. In addition to web browsing, it also includes a doodle pad, a virtual Starbrite game and a math trainer. You can also choose to disable printing and keep track of the time the browser has been in use.
Very modern and easy to use interface; prevent access to your desktop; additional math practice and doodle pad
Parents cannot add or remove sites; limited to about a dozen sites

Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
File Size: 5184 kb

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Child Safe Internet[/size] Kids Web Menu v1.4  (Ad-supported)
Kids Web Menu provides a simple web browsing environment for young children that provides access to a list of popular kids websites. A password protected page allows parents to select the sites that they want their kid(s) to access and they are then shown on the browser`s home page as clickable thumbnail images. Unlike similar programs, Kids Web Menu does not prevent access to the Windows desktop, nor does it allow parents to add sites of their choice – it acts as a simple browser environment that makes web access a little easier for small children.
Easy to use for small children
Does not protect your desktop; parents cannot add their own sites; does not support multiple users; no printing

Windows:  98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista
File size: 1323 kb 
Version: 1.4

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Kopassa Browser v1.7 (Freeware)
Kopassa is a web browser (IE based) that enhances your surfing with thumbnail previews of the web pages you have visited, or that are dragged into the thumbnail pane. You can drag any link from a page into the upper pane, to see a thumbnail preview and then quickly load it when you are ready to visit the page. Basically the browser can be used like a tabbed browser, just that it uses thumbnail displays instead of traditional tabs. Kopassa Browser also includes quick search functionality for more than 20 search engines, context sensitive search functions, translation and more. Additional features include a built-in download manger popup blocker, cookie manger and more. Even though the thumbnail displays are handy, the interface is very basic and needs some getting used to.
Windows:  Win XP
File size: 881 kb 
Version: 1.7

Up Dated 16 January 2006


K-Meleon v0.9 (Freeware)
K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla). K-Meleon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Maxthon v2.1.3.2430   (Freeware)
Maxthon is an Internet Explorer based web browser that adds a lot of new features as well as a fresh new look to your standard Internet Explorer browser interface. Among the added features are a tabbed interface that allows you to quickly switch between multiple web pages and create groups of pages that you can launch with a single click. In addition, it offers several privacy features like cookie and history cleanup as well as an option to delete the typed address bar URLs (either all or only selected). There are many other features, most of them small, but very handy. For example, it offers a RSS sidebar, supports URL aliases and keyboard shortcuts, quick proxy switching, auto-scrolling, network speed display as well as content filtering and a popup window killer. Maxthon supports plug-ins (some come included).

File Size 5359 kb
Windows  Win (All)

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Mozilla v1.7.7 (Freeware)
Mozilla is an open-source web browser, designed for standards compliance, performance and portability. Mozilla.org coordinates the development and testing of the browser by providing discussion forums, software engineering tools, releases and bug tracking. Mozilla is fast loading, comes with many features like intergrated email, chat etc. Looks like Netscape, but it s not, at least not really…
Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 11762 kb 
Author: Mozilla Foundation
Version: 1.7.7

Up Dated 16 January 2006

Version: 1.7.7

Version: 1.7.3

Mozilla Firefox V3.02  (Freeware)
Mozilla Firefox is an independent web browser that offers tabbed browsing combined with numerous handy features like popup blocking, Live Bookmarks (RSS integration), password manager and more. The functionality can be extended with dozens of freely available plug-ins (Extensions). Firefox can import all your Internet Explorer Favorites as well as some other settings, so switching is made easy. The default features of Firefox are good for general web surfing. An abundant collection of freely available extensions (add-ons) allow you to easily add the features you want and customize the browser to fit your needs. Other features include integrated spell checking, interface improvements, improved RSS features, and integrated anti-phishing.

File Size 7.16MB
Version 3.02 
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista

Up Dated: 24 September 2008

Apps: V3.02


For Other Systems and Languages:

Get Firefox in 28 other languages here:

MW Web Browser V1.0
MW Web Browser is a simple IE based browser interface that allows you to quickly switch to a fake Microsoft Word document when your boss walks into the room. Switching can be done via keyboard shortcut (F1) or clicking on an area in the title bar. No Installation Required.
Quickly switch between browser and a fake Word document
Interface not resizable; browser only provides very basic functionality; no support for tabs

File Size 2427 kb
Version 1.0 
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

Up Dated: 01 January 2008


Nausicaa v2.1 (Freeware)
Nausicaa is an IE based web browser interface that offers several additional features. It offers full control over pop-up windows, URL filtering, quick web page saving, a built-in bookmark manager and more. Nausicaa also includes a search bar that provides direct access to popular searchengine. The program fully compatible with all your Internet Explorer settings, Favorites and plugins.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 708 kb 
Author: Rhizome Systems
Version: 2.1

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Netscape v9.0.0.5
Netscape is a web browser with integrated messaging (AOL Instant Messenger) and many additional features. It is based on the Mozilla engine, but not nearly as flexible as the Mozilla browser. Netscape includes a complete email client, support for Internet radio and more. It also includes promotional links and installs promotional shortcuts on your desktop, start menu and more.

Windows:  (All)
File size: 5908 kb 

Up Dated: 01 January 2008


Off By One Browser v3.5.d (Freeware)
Off By One Browser is an independent web browser that runs completely self-contained and does not require any other browser – it does not use the IE browsing engine. It can even run directly from a floppy, CD, ZIP etc. without installation. OffByOne does not support Java or Plugins like Flash – which may limit it for everyday use, but offers the advantage of popup windows free browsing and eliminates the vulnerability to malicious code. In addition, the browser allows you to surf the web without leaving any tracks, since the page cache and image cache are not stored to disk, but to memory and are erased at the end of the session. OffByOne implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames as well as SSL. Additional features include cookie management, support for IE favorites, offline file saving, image zoom and more. A compact browser that may not be a good choice for an IE replacement, but great if you need a browser that fits on a floppy, or to be included in a CD distribution etc.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
File size: 1010 kb 
Version: 3.5.d

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Opera v9.5  (Freeware)
Opera is a fast, secure, configurable, and standards compliant Internet/Intranet browser that also includes a newsreader and mail client. Opera gives you the freedom to run multiple windows without opening up other instances and many more features that make it a great choice for the serious web enthusiast. Opera comes with tons of features, including 128bit encryption, enhanced security for your online transactions, advanced download support features, cookie management and many more. Additional features include built-in download manager, integrated mail client with spam filter, skin support, mouse gestures pop-up killer, one-click log-in to password protected sites and more.
Fast browser with many attractive features
Not fully compatible with all website designs

File Size: 8717 kb
Version: 9.5  (history) 
Windows: 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Safari 3.0.5 Build 525.3 Beta
Safari lets you experience the web in Apple style, being the fastest, easiest-to-use web browser in the world. With its simple, elegant interface, Safari gets out of your way and lets you enjoy the web.
The fastest web browser on any platform, Safari loads pages up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2.
And it executes JavaScript up to 3 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 2 times faster than Firefox 2.
Internet Explorer. Here are some key features of «Safari»: · Blazing Performance Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform. · Elegant User Interface Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the web — not your browser. · Easy Bookmarks Organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes. · Pop-up Blocking Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-und

File Size 16.2 MB
Version 9.25  (history) 
Windows XP/Vista

Up Dated: 01 January 2008


Slim Browser 4.10 build 015(Freeware)
SlimBrowser is a tabbed, IE based browser that allows you to surf multiple sites at once. It also adds several additional tools, including easy access to internet track cleaning, URL aliases, popup blocking and more. Also included comes a form filler to automatically fill personal information into form fields, site filtering and hidden sites, customizable web search and more. Many of the advanced settings are maintained in text-style configurations, making it easy to customize for advanced users. SlimBrowser also allows you to group several of your favorite web pages, so that they can be opened at once with a single click.
(Used to be shareware)
Windows:  95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
File size: 1.84MB 
Version: 4.10 build 015

Up Dated: 14 March 2008


SurfTabs v1.8.7.0 (Freeware)
SurfTabs incorporates all of Internet Explorer (IE) functionality on different tabs. Putting IE web browsers in a tab interface enables you to switch back and forth from different web sites easily with the click of a tab instead of cluttering up your workspace (desktop) and the task bar with multiple copies of IE. Each tab is uniquely identified by the name (title) of the web site. There is no limit to how many tabs/browsers you can have open (other then your hardware).
Windows:  98/NT/ME/2000
File size: 2243 kb 

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Web Tarantula v3.7 (Freeware)
A mulitplex web browser – automatically loads up to 8 of your favorite web sites in 8 independent windows. You can specify an alias for each site (e.g «Downloads» for webattack.com), which will also be displayed in the tab, rather than the original title. Each window has a home page button that will return you to the original page if you decide to maximize a Window and follow any links. Additional features include an auto-refresh function and the option to view windows in a tabbed, tiled or cascaded format.

Windows:  98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Requires: VB4 Runtimes 
File size: 1050 kb 
Version: 3.7

Up Dated 16 January 2006


Child Safe Internet[/size] Web Wheels v2.0.1.14  (Freeware)
Web Wheels is a browser interface designed for pre-school and elementary school aged children. It provides a simple and unsophisticated interface that allows easy access to a list of sites that have been added by the parent, and there are no other sites accessible from within the interface. Your kid can access the sites via links on the browser home page (if he/she can read) and you can also assign an image (not provided) to a link for easier reference. The only browser control provided are Forward, Backward and Home and Print (printing can be restricted to a number of pages a day). Overall, Web Wheels is based on a good concept but shows obvious shortcomings in technical and aesthetic aspects.

Windows:  98/ME/2000/XP   
File size: 2551 kb 

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Wysigot Light v6.02  (Freeware)
Wysigot is an offline/online browser that saves and monitors Internet and network (LAN) documents and optionally alerts you if any of them have changed. It provides several tools for capturing, updating and comparing the stored data as well as a basic search function. The interface is web-like and easy to use. You can schedule automatic updates for each document (web site), set alarms for specific pages and be notified if they change and the program will also highlight the actual changes directly on the page. The downloaded pages can be browsed offline in the same manner, complete with all images, Flash and so on. Additional features include annotations, safe mode (exclude ActiveX, Java etc. from download), an option to keep older versions of a page and more. An optional full version offers enhanced search features, export and several advanced features.
Windows:  Win (All)
File size: 2116 kb 
Version: 6.02

Up Dated: 24 September 2008


Wyzo v0.5.3.31 (Freeware)
Wyzo is a web browser based on Firefox. Some of the modifications are:
– It has a new skin, with an orange colour scheme
– A new startpage, which lets you search 33 search engines.
– A Bittorrent plug-in for Firefox, included with Wyzo, called FireTorrent. It is available as a .xpi extension for normal firefox installations. It places the torrent downloads in the same Window as normal downloads.
Wyzo is currently in Alpha development stage

Windows & Mac OS X 
File size: 596 KB

Up Dated: 24 September 2008

App: Wyzo for Windows – Version: – Filesize: 596 KB

App: Wyzo for Mac OS X – Version: – Filesize: 18 MB

App: FireTorrent Extension for Windows -Version: – Filesize: 413 KB

Child Safe Internet[/size] Zac Browser v1.1.5 – Zone for Autistic Children(Freeware)
Zac Browser – Zone for Autistic Children is a content restricted web browser that was developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS. It provides a full-screen interface with access to games, music and other online activities that cater specifically to kids who display the characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, like impairments in social interaction, impairments in communication, restricted interests and repetitive behavior.

Windows:  2000/XP/2003/Vista
File size: 6558 kb 
Version: 1.1.5

Up Dated: 24 September 2008